Why 2012! Didn’t see you there…

30 01 2012

Disclaimer – I’m not going to make brave promises about updating this more frequently, because clearly I suck at keeping those promises!

Last year I was very pleased with my uni year, and my outside of uni year. In uni, well, I:

  • Met great new friends
  • Got some excellent grades (2 A+s and nothing lower than B+)
  • Improved my singing

Outside of uni, I:

  • Got married
  • Had a honeymoon
  • Got to sing in the chorus of a gorgeous Handel’s Messiah
  • Settled down into my new city

Nearly the start of the new uni year. It’s going to be quite different: a much smaller pool of singers, and a new singing teacher being the main changes. Many of the students were 3rd year or honours, and have now graduated. My singing teacher has moved universities, and so I will be learning from a guy. I think this will be good for me, but interesting as I haven’t had a male singing teacher before.

I also have a new choir and we start rehearsals tonight! I love new choirs! Here is a link to my new choir: http://www.jubilate.org.nz/singers/

My new husband is also pretty great. Many props to him for putting up with his wife swanning around with this crazy idea of being a singer.

What else do I hope to do this year? Well, I’d like…

  • Some solos in the choir, we’ll see how that goes.
  • To get all As in my courses.
  • To do some singing competitions.
  • To get my Grade 8 singing so I can do ATCL next year.
  • Make some more new friends.
  • Visit my sister in Melbourne.
  • Get back up to Wellington a couple of times and have drinkies and catch ups with my new friends and their babies I haven’t even met yet!
  • On second thoughts, I probably shouldn’t go drinking with the babies.

And something to listen to for you. Here is Allegri’s Miserere, a truly beautiful and relaxing piece of music.





2 responses

9 11 2012
can anyone sing

Keep the blog going its great to hear how you are getting on and who knows one day we may all be buying your records” success usually comes one step after failure” can anyone sing yes they can just some are better than others and you probably fall into the latter! go gal!!

15 06 2014

So, how was your singing journey. I am curious to know. You haven’t updated this blog so, we will never know unless your share your adventures with us 🙂

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