Before you’re perfect…

10 01 2011

I had to sing for someone on Saturday and it was a bit freaky. I have this problem where I want to somehow want to be perfect before I perform for anyone. Which is ridiculous as I’m never going to be perfect, and I will never get better unless I perform for people! Has anyone else had this issue? Not just with performing but with maybe sharing your work?  Techniques for overcoming it? Suggestions?

Oh boy, I keep getting fabulous links to things that I want to share! For everyone who has had a bad audition. 12 Bad Auditions: (there’s a wee bit of swearing at the end).

Jenny Neale, Ryan Murray, Jen Mintzer, Michael Diliberto, Shanna Lesniak and Ariela Morgenstern perform “12 Bad Auditions” at “Exposed: The Songs of Andrew Byrne.” The concert took place on Sunday, October 5th at 8PM at the Zipper Theater. (lyrics by Andrew Byrne and Mark Blankenship)

I can relate to a few of these.





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10 01 2011

I don’t tend to worry about being perfect before a performance because I’m keen to get people to see and appreciate my awesomeness. It’s only afterwards that i have to pick it pieces;) Anyway, awesomeness is not about being perfect; embrace the inner awesome Reggles”

16 02 2011

Finally got around to watching this video, it’s hilarious. I especially love the second guy and the Too Short girl.

“Don’t fucking touch me!”

20 06 2012

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