au revoir Wellington!

20 11 2010

I’m sure you know already, as  I just had to facebook it, but I will  be moving to Christchurch in February! In Christchurch I am going to start a MusB – Bachelor of Music (I just love how they put the Mus in front of the B!) in singing!

This was the audition that Dame Malvina Major was at. In fact everyone involved with the audition seemed incredibly composed and wildly skilful (making me feel somewhat inadequate) including my pianist. I only got to sing two songs, due to time constraints, so I sang ‘Quella Fiamma’ and ‘Widmung’. I was a bit gutted to miss out ‘Sure on this Shining Night’ but under pressure, if I was going to screw up any of my audition pieces, it was that one! So I went with the first two.

I’ve spent all morning trying to figure out what courses I have to take, and what courses I want to take – unfortunately a couple I wanted to do aren’t available this year (Chamber choir! Sadness!) but I will be doing a 45 minute singing lesson, two hours of choir, some keyboard (not sure if I’m doing the basic keyboard, or more advanced course – have asked what would be more appropriate). And then of course, music theory, European music history, and then some other things! It’s all very confusing. I hope I’m smart enough to actually enrol, let alone get the degree…


And then today had my last Cantoris concert for the year (and I guess for a few years!) The theme was Shakespeare, and as always, our MD picked some fabulous music.

My favourite piece: Orpheus with his Lute by William Shuman:

And another lovely one but very sad: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day by Robert Applebaum. He dedicated it to his daughter who he lost while she was in her 20s to a heart condition. Beautiful piece, and gives a new twist to the words of probably one of the most well known sonnets.

I would LOVE to link these for you, but I can’t find them. If you can log onto Naxos (allow me to pimp it again – if you have a wellington library card log on from the library website) search for them and have a listen.

Meantime, have a listen to a fun one: Double Double toil and trouble! Jaakko Mantyjarvi. He’s Finnish and gave us no end of trouble trying to learn his pieces. But done right (and…well we tried?) they are sooo cooooool!




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21 11 2010

OMG. I am well excited for you… but am well sad that you’re leaving the Wellytown!

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