I Aten’t Dead

7 11 2010

Really truly, I promise, I aten’t dead. However, life changes, and life in general (and wussiness I do admit) have kept me blogless for a bit.

I do promise I have been singing – auditioning even! I have auditioned in front of Dame Malvina Major and Margaret Medlyn! One unsuccessfully, and the other…well I don’t know yet!

Next year will be exciting because I am moving cities (regardless of how a certain audition goes) and I will need to find for myself a new singing teacher, choir, and theatre company!

So stay tuned peeps. 2010 has been a bit huge in terms of life changing and 2011 should also be awesome (change is good!)

I should note that much of the reason that I am prompted to keep blogging is because of my other creative friends who are persisting with their endeavours, and posting about it! You are awesome, and you jogged me into thinking about why I started posting in the first place. Creativity is communication. Without it, there’s no point me even singing.

Back soon, with actual content! Mwah!! xxxxx Why not have a listen to the late, incredibly great Dame Joan Sutherland sing the doll song from ‘Tales of Hoffmann’ (Offenbach).

Turn it up. Be amazed.




5 responses

7 11 2010

A new city what? Which one? When? OMG!

7 11 2010

Christchurch! But not til next year 🙂 I’m really excited though!!!

8 11 2010

How exciting!

7 11 2010

Um, I don’t believe you’ve asked our permission to move cities! Or, erm, even told us about it till now!! For shame…

8 11 2010

Exciting! Glad to hear you are busily working away at your creative endeavors and doing stuff 🙂

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