Panto and Choir update

12 07 2010


Well life has been very busy, with panto rehearsals and choir, plus of course the normal run of life, and trying to fit all the bits of my life together so there is time for everything!!

Panto opens this week, if you have kids, or know kids, they might like it! Tuesday 2pm, Wednesday 2pm, Thursday 11 and 2, Friday 11 and 2!

DOOR SALES - JULY 13TH TO 16TH Click for more details

Will I be exhausted? Yes. Yes indeedy. I’m playing the beautiful princess Maya. I get to sing some songs, act like a ditz and generally overact up a storm, panto-style! It’s great fun! 🙂

After this week, back to focusing on Fledermaus rehearsals, plus I think I will be auditioning for music school one more time. I have to try right? Rhetorical question. I do have to try. 

Also my choir’s second concert of the year is on on the 7th of August.  Check out the shiny new Cantoris website!  The concert should be lovely, and in St Andrews which is a gorgeous venue.

Feeling a bit flaily like there is too much to think about, but I will gradually organise it all into some kind of coherency. Toodles!




3 responses

12 07 2010

Awesome. Will try and arrange so I can take Ayla along. Where abouts is the Porirua little theatre?

12 07 2010

Sorry my other question, how long is it?

12 07 2010

Hi Sam 🙂 PLT is in Titahi Bay, and the show is probably about an hour and 10/15 minutes all up. You drive up the main road into titahi bay, turn left at whitehouse road, and the theatre is at the end of the street. There are some shops and things there too.

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