In theory

17 06 2010

Foolishly I signed myself up to do Grade 5 theory this Saturday morning. Well, not foolish I suppose, in that I need my theory paper to do Grade 8 singing later this year. What was foolish was doing no prep for it whatsoever until this week. 

The good thing is that I should know it all already. Grade 5 isn’t hugely difficult, and I should be familiar with it all. I did Grade 4 many many many years ago, and I’ve been working with music since then.  The difficulty will be making sure I know what sort of questions they’ll ask. I have the syllabus, I have a theory book, I have past papers. All should be well. In theory. (PUN ALERT! OW!) 

Cross your fingers for me OK?

Singing updates to follow: singing teacher’s concert next week, going to hear someone’s recital, choir and Fledermaus updates, off to see the wizard (well, ‘Wicked’) and the PLT panto!




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17 06 2010


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