New songs

8 06 2010

In preparation for maybe doing my Grade 8 this year in November I am trying to pick songs from the prescribed list. There are four groups and you have to sing one from each group. There are many many many songs on the list!

Here are the four I quite like at the moment and need to start working really hard on, including my incredibly detailed notes about each of them.

Quella fiamma (Conti). What do I know about Conti? Nothing. I’m also confused about who actually wrote this as my music says Benedetto Marcello.  Here is Cecilia Bartoli singing it.

Widmung (Schumann). This is beautiful. I’ve heard it sung before, and it’s just so cheerful and full on.  It’s a love song about the all consuming passion of love. Jessye Norman sings it here. Jessye Norman is amazing. Do you think I could grow up and be her please?

Sure on this Shining Night (Samuel Barber). Who doesn’t love Barber? Is it you? Then shut up, because he’s awesome. As is Cheryl Studer who sings it here: (There are actually two Barber songs in this video, and both are worth a listen!)

Green Finch and Linnet Bird (Sondheim, from Sweeney Todd). Hadn’t heard it before, fell in love with it. Sondheim has written some amazing things. You should check out more of his work if you aren’t familiar with it. Allow me to pimp the Naxos database available through the Wellington City Library Website at you again.

As you can see, I should probably find out more about all of these songs. That shall be my homework. Er, that plus practicing them!




3 responses

8 06 2010

oooh Sweeney Todd song! One that I actually know! It’s so pretty in the Johnny Depp movie too.

8 06 2010

Erm, here it is 🙂 A little less frenetic than the one you have put up there.

8 06 2010

Yeah! That is quite different. I wonder which way I will lean toward? Interesting! 🙂

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