Being emo makes me sing bad.

1 06 2010

Or, should I say, emotions can affect your physical state.

So I haven’t posted for a while, and I haven’t sung (*proper* like) for a bit either.  Big life changes, including the end of an important long term relationship, moving house, questioning my life’s aims and goals have all contributed to a messy couple of months.

But when I say messy it hasn’t been all bad. It’s just been a lot to process. Unfortunately when I process big stuff like that, I find my singing suffers. There’s such a lot of physicality in singing properly, all your muscles have to be free and ready to support you, all up your back, all your abs, including the very lowerest ones (which I shall now refer to as singing from my ovaries, TMI? Yes. HAH!) Now here are the things I feel when going through big emotional stuff: ‘my stomach is in knots’ ‘my chest feels tight’ ‘my shoulders are tense’.

To release those muscles properly so I could sing was actually quite hard. I’m imagining that more experienced singers have better technique than I do, and can work around those things. Also that they learn not to carry so much stress in their bodies! I’ve found EFT immensely helpful. (Disclaimer  – you don’t have to agree with me or use EFT, but I do and it does help me 🙂 )

I’m feeling very positive right now though, and yesterday I listened to Porgi Amor on my ipod, and I felt my abs trying to support me as I sang along in my head. This is a good sign. 🙂 So hopefully updates will be more frequent, and actual singing will take place!

Do you find that emotions affect how well you can work at your creative endeavours? Or any endeavours? How do you work through it?




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1 06 2010

Yay for EFT. I must try EFT on this cold of mine…

1 06 2010

Tappa tappa tappa! Poor you with a cold. I’m fending off a chest cold, I can feel it getting all tight…

1 06 2010
Rachel B

Yeah, emotional stuff can affect my output pretty badly, though it can also make me unusually determined for short periods of time. If I’m just all-over-down, having a low-energy day, something like that, I’m a bit on the useless side and tend to use those days to do those work tasks which might be a bit out of the norm – “change is as good as a rest” and all that – stops me feeling like I’m just bashing my head against a task.

It *definitely* affects my energy for non-work tasks, be they hobby or domestic. And it’s harder to breathe deeply, so I can see why if you’ve any muscular response to stress it’d make singing a complete dog!

I generally find that if I’m wired from stress I’ll just wake up early (between 4 and 5am if it’s ongoing, maybe 5-5.30 if it’s a one-off) and then I just get up and read whatever for an hour or two with a cup of tea. Could be dead-tree, could be blogs (freelance blogs are nice), could be interwebs fiction. I found it’s easier to start the day that way than to lie in bed worrying!

1 06 2010

Mmm that’s a good idea to get up instead of lying around worrying about things. I sometimes forget I’m allowed to do things like that – like get up *before* getting up time! Quel horreur!
I too find that for work stuff, sometimes being down makes me just concentrate on a task as I’m using it almost as a distraction.
It was really bugging me how difficult singing was being, I felt like I was going backwards. Damn breathing and muscle control being so all fire important to singing.

1 06 2010
Rachel B

There’s something kinda nice about being up super-super early – it’s dead-time, you’ve pre-empted your morning routine, so there’s really nothing to do *just* yet 🙂

1 06 2010
Jon B

Sorry to hear things no go so well for Prodney. Take care!

1 06 2010

Prodney say thanks! 🙂 Prodney doing good now.

25 01 2011

That bad audition video is so funny. Love this blog

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