The busiest of weekends

19 04 2010

I’ve probably had busier ones, but it was pretty full on.

First up, of course, I had shows on the Friday and Saturday nights. Both went really well, it’s such a great show and wonderful cast. 🙂 I’m amazed we still have two weeks to go, feels like I’ve been performing this one for at least a month! (In a good way.) Have you booked your tickets to see us yet? Some people have been twice! Amazing!

Then in between that, I was helping out the Jenni’s Angels team in the V48 hour film contest. Such a great team, I love you guys! Lack of sleep leads to sooo much silliness, yet we also manage to pull together an amazing film each time. I love doing this every year. This year I did makeup and background nightclubbing. My poor old hips were complaining after what felt like hours of silent dancing, but I think the finished film will be worth it. Wish I could get to the screening this week, but will be on stage in Porirua instead!

On Sunday I went to see a benefit concert for Barbara Graham who is heading off to Paris to get further training and audition for opera companies in Paris. It was lovely. I went by myself, but saw a couple of people I knew, and chatted to someone who knew other people I knew. The singing was just gorgeous. St Andrews on the Terrace isn’t always the best venue for operatic type voices (IMHO) but everyone did a lovely job. And there were a couple of songs where I just laughed and laughed. Which is always a bit embarrassing when you are sitting by yourself. Mind you, there were two french boys in front of me who got the giggles twice for no apparent (to me) reason. They made the little girl behind me laugh, and then I had to stare at the wall to my right so I couldn’t see them, or our entire section of the audience would have become convulsed with random laughter. Damn giggles being so catching.

Barbara has a beautiful voice, and great stage presence. I saw her in the Days Bay Marriage of Figaro, and I think it’s going to be exciting to hear her again when she gets back from Paris. I’ve heard all the other singers who sang at various times in the past, and they all shone. Some highlights:  Michael Grey sang “Anthem” from Chess. *Blissful*. I wish someone would do Chess again soon.  Barbara sang a couple of songs with James Adams from ‘Bastien and Bastienne’ by Mozart (AGED FREAKING 12 ARGH), and they were both adorable and every word was perfectly audible (it sucks when you sing something in English and no one can understand it!!).

And my two new favourite songs now:  The Alto’s Lament, which Jane Keller sang. It’s all so true! Wish I had video of her singing it, she was hilarious. Here is Natalie Weiss singing it.

and ‘The song that goes like this’ from Spamalot, which nearly had me in tears from laughter. Might need to turn your sound up a bit…

Hope you enjoy!  I have also done some singing homework this week, by listening to potential songs for exam, and writing notes about each of them. I’ll update about those after singing this week. 🙂




4 responses

19 04 2010

Impressive levels of busy! It was great fun hanging out with you and dancing to silent music. The 48 always has such a great school-camp bonding vibe. 🙂

Thanks again for the lift. Muchos appreciated.

19 04 2010

Thanks for all your help 🙂

Also, tell Prodney I really appreciated his presence too. Even if he does get frustrating.

4 05 2010

Love the alto’s lament so much!

4 05 2010

I knew you would Giffy!!

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