A quick recap of the last week or so

6 04 2010

The show:

It’s been a full on weekend of rehearsals. We rehearsed Friday Saturday and Sunday  starting in the afternoons though, so I still got my precious sleep-ins.  (It’s amazing how much I love sleeping in.)

I will be wearing a headset mic in the show, which is another new experience for me.  They’re fun but mine has a tendency to wrap itself around hair ribbons and try to take itself off with any costume change – at one point I got caught mid-ball dress with the mic pack balanced on my leg and the ball dress and headset stuck on my head.  I’m getting used to it now though, so hopefully it won’t attack me or anyone else during the season.

We rehearsed with a full band yesterday – wow they’re loud! Sounding great though. Important to remember not to over-push your voice to be heard over the band – just project normally.  I can already tell I will need to take care with the voice – drinking enough water and so on during the day – for the next four weeks as we launch into show season. Yeah, I know, I should do that all the time. But I forget.

Dancing wise everything is going fine.  Of course yesterday I spun around at entirely the wrong point in one song, but if that’s the worst thing I do, I count myself lucky!

Other singing:

It’s school holidays so I have a two week break from singing  lessons. When I get back to them I need to start picking the rep for my grade 8 exam. I have a bunch of songs marked on the list which I’m going to listen to and see what I like. I might ask your opinion on some of them!

Just realized we are doing Faure’s requiem in choir next term, hurrah! I love the Requiem. We’re doing the Messe Basse as well, which I haven’t heard before, and some Durufle. I wished briefly that we were doing the Cantique de Jean Racine, because that’s my absolute favourite choral Faure piece, but I’ll let it slide because of the Pie Jesu from the Requiem which is just glorious. Listen to Lucia Popp singing it below.




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