Tip of the tongue…

24 03 2010

So I don’t forget what I did today – worked on my new song and focused on using the tip of the tongue for consonants. It’s amazing how much over-effort I use to make some sounds when I could just shift my tongue slightly.  Using the tip of your tongue helps you keep the same space at the back of your mouth to produce sound.

I was chatting with a friend from the show about how your body just sometimes seems to make all the wrong kinds of effort to help out when you hit a difficult note. (Quick! She’s coming up to a high A! Choke off her air! Tie her tongue in knots! TENSE THAT JAW!! Slouch dammit slouch!) That’s why you learn techniques, so you can gradually replace your body’s automatic reactions with things that make more sense. Sometimes you have to teach your body to do nothing extra at all, which seems completely contrary to all instinct.

The song went well today, so next week I will start learning a new song – I should point out, when I say ‘I’m starting a new song’ it doesn’t mean the old one is completely good to go. In fact, we are going to revisit one I learned months ago as well as get a new one, because the old one will benefit from the skills I picked up in the song I just did.

New song will (hopefully) be Porgi Amor from (you guessed it) The Marriage of Figaro. It’s all about *spinning* the high notes out beautifully. No doubt I will tell you how that goes soon!

Have a listen to Renee Fleming sing it. She truly has that effortlessly beautiful sound.

(singing starts about a minute in, but the intro is interesting too )




4 responses

24 03 2010

very nice 🙂 I have much love for Figaro, must find it on my shelves and give it a good listen again

25 03 2010

Yay! I’ve got to find something new to listen to actually, or I worry I’ll be sick of Figaro before the NBR do it later this year! (impossible…hopefully)

25 03 2010
Rachel B

… the teeth, the lips…

Song – lovely! She sounds so, I don’t know, fluid.

25 03 2010

Doesn’t she? I listened to so many versions before deciding to post this one up 🙂 So many other people don’t sing this the way I think they should – too much vibrato and showing off. Which is fine for some songs (hell, most soprano arias), but I think this one is too sad and beautifully written to waste time showing off your uber-diva notes.*

*utterly subjective opinionated Regan burble.

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