Woah, I’m a slacker!

9 03 2010

Well, no not actually. I lied to you in the title!! I’m actually ridiculously busy, but since I’m busy with things I enjoy, I can’t complain!

Rehearsals for the show are going well. Apart from the usual costuming horrors (clarification: the costume folk are great, the costumes are great – I, however, remain a sausage shaped nightmare to clothe).

Anyway! Bought myself a score of the Bach Mass in B minor – bliss! I got trapped in Arty Bee’s for quite some time when I discovered the music section.

Also new song sooo beautiful: Silent Noon by Ralph Vaughan Williams (you may know his Lark Ascending). So evocative of a summer’s day, spent with someone you love, in perfect silence.

Have a listen to Ian Bostridge singing it. I was going to try to find a woman but he sings it so expressively I want you to hear it. 🙂




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18 03 2010

ians photo makes me giggle, just a lil. I immagine hes thinking “yeah thats right I’m ian bostridge just chillin here in my turtle neck, not doin anything, oh wait a photographers here, how unexpected I’m just sitting round I didn’t think there were gonna be photos taken it’s ok though I have my go to sexy without trying to hard to be sexy face, yeah thats right ian bostridge I’m casual cool but you know you want me”
lovez it

24 06 2010
Singing concert reflections « My Singing Blog

[…] sang ‘Silent Noon’ by Ralph Vaughan Williams which I learned a while ago. It’s a beautiful piece, but boy singing was a struggle tonight. Like an actual struggle. I […]

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