Sweet Adeliiiine…

25 01 2010

OK, barbershop singing is FUN!! I went along tonight to a rehearsal of the Wellington City Chorus, a women’s barbershop group. Barbershop singing involves unaccompanied, closely layered, four part harmony. It’s beautiful when sung right, and that’s what these ladies certainly do! There were at least 50 of them, and I slotted myself in with some sheet music as they sang around me. I think I did alright! 🙂 There is something so satisfying about singing in a group like that.

It’s different from the other choir singing I’ve done – lots more sliding to notes (but not lazily, everyone has to slide together in perfect unison!) and of course some choreography. For the most part it is just a few steps and some arms moving around, but en masse it looks amazing. Barbershop is a lot tighter and everyone has to have such a good ear and listen to what everyone else is doing. I think barbershop singing would improve my performance in any other group singing situation!

Right at the end they sang a beautiful hymn which is one of my favourites and almost made me cry it was so well sung and moving.  I have embedded a you tube clip of this song sung by an a capella group. They are guys so the sound is a bit different 😉 But after searching around, and listening to many clips, these particular guys do such an amazing job I had to use their version.

I’d love to go back and audition for the Wellington City Chorus, but I need to find out what the commitment is. I won’t be able to participate in the May competitions I know they are preparing for,  because I have my other show all through April, and I know this barbershop group will be doing lots of extra rehearsals leading up to comps. I also know I want to do the Cantoris concert at the end of the year which is Shakespeare songs. So it may not be feasible to do both. But Oohh I want to! So much energy in the room, and so positive. I don’t think you could sing this music and not feel better about life. Their musical director was also amazing, such energy and a real gift for getting the best out of his singers.

What I would really love is to sing barbershop in a quartet 🙂  Who will sing with me?!

Barbershop would also be good because it is yet another style of singing, and the more I do, the more aware I become of what I’m doing physically to make the style of sounds each time. Hmm. I will email them and find out more!

ETA: Cos I’m a geek as well as a singer. This is an awesome barbershop song about Star Wars.




3 responses

27 01 2010

Hey, my friend Ronnie (or Veronica) whom I play ultimate with is in that barbershop group.

28 01 2010

I love barbershop. Pick me! Also, when you visiting next? I made cake!

30 01 2010

Hopefully next week I will drop Jas at work so I can have the car 🙂 Is there a day/time which is best for you? Huggles! I miss seeing you and sweets!

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