Singing in tune is good

19 01 2010

First singing practice of ‘Curtains’ has now been done, and the music seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun – really big Broadway show tunes with catchy melodies and harmonies to round everything up nicely at the end! The challenge will be to sing it while dancing! I’m looking forward to getting better at that 🙂

I have a new unaccompanied piece to learn too, ‘The Singer’ by Michael Head. It’s very pretty but, as it’s unaccompanied, requires me to really concentrate on my tuning, and it has some tricky chromatic runs.  Simple lyrics, and a lovely melody; the idea is to keep it sounding unstudied and beautiful (it’s a bit like ‘Heavenly Grass’ in that way) while at the same time not going horribly off key and warbling like an idiot. Mind you, that should probably always be a goal…

Here’s the lyrics for you:

I met a singer on the hill,
He wore a tattered cloak;
His cap was torn,
His shoes were worn,
And dreamily he spoke.

A wrinkled face, a cheery smile,
And a nobby stick had he;

His eyes were grey and far away
And changeful as the sea,
And changeful as the sea.

I offered him a piece of gold
And hoped that he would stay.
No word he spoke,
But shook his head
And smiled and went his way.

I watched the singer down the hill,
My eyes went following after,
I thought I heard a fairy flute
And the sound of fairy laughter,
I thought I heard a fairy flute
And the sound of fairy laughter.

There’s some ‘fa la la la’s in there too.

Can I find you a linky for it? I bet I can.

There you go. This version sung by a girl called Eira for a recital. I think she does a lovely job.




2 responses

19 01 2010

So jealous of you getting to be in Curtains. When does it start?

19 01 2010

It’s on from first Wednesday in April to the 1st of May, four weeks all up, 16 shows 🙂 Whee!

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