New songs for a new year

12 01 2010

Remember one of my wishes a couple of posts back? To do more singing in duets/trios? Well I walked into my lesson this week and the first thing I did was sing a duet with another student! WHEE! We may get to perform it later this year together.

The song is  ‘che soave zeffiretto’ from the Marriage of Figaro (Mozart! Yay! On a related note, how much am I looking forward to the Marriage of Figaro that the NBR are putting on? Lots, that’s how much.)

Here is Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Ileana Cotrubas singing it. I’m singing the countess part which Kiri sings here.

It’s very sweet and a lovely song to sing with someone else.

I also got another new Mozart song to learn, ‘S’altro che lagrime’. It is beautiful and seems quite easy, right up to the end. Here is American soprano Barbara Bonney singing it beautifully. Listen for the high A’s right at the end. Two long ones in a row. Ack.

Neat trick to work on getting the high notes without tensing up is to flop forwards, with bent knees and relaxed arms and head down around your knees.  It seems to trick all the usual muscles which attempt to get in the way (they think they’re helping, it’s very sweet) to relax. Then I can straighten up and make the same noise. Hopefully. Because singing all flopped over doesn’t look great in performance.




2 responses

13 01 2010

It’s gonna be great when I can say “Oh yes, I knew her before she was famous.”

13 01 2010

Hehe thanks! 🙂 Though you may be waiting a while! 😉

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