Slowly slowly back into it

10 01 2010

I’m here, I haven’t piked entirely! I have been terribly lazy over the Christmas period though. Not sung at all. I’ve played the piano a bit, and spent quite a lot of time figuring out the accompaniment to ‘Clair de lune’ (but not singing it, which would have been more useful!)

However, today I have a singing lesson, so I’m going to get my head back into the right space, and start making some noise again!

Things I might post about soon – the relationship to wine and music. I won a case of sparkling wine yesterday and it started me thinking about all the musos I know who love wine. Even the musical folk I follow on twitter are often discussing wine as well as music. So maybe I’ll try to find a musical match for all the wines I love! 🙂




2 responses

13 01 2010

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that it’s good for singers to ‘rest’ their voices and that many professional deliberately take time off where they don’t let themselves sing for the good for their vocal chords and whatnot.

Wine and music indeed go well together. I’d be keen to read your suggested matches.

13 01 2010

That’s definitely what I kept telling myself, though I secretly knew I was just lazy 🙂 A break can be good as long as you get right back into it though!

I shall match my wine and music, and then wait for the wine and poetry matches. Picnics with poetry, wine and music should ensue…

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