Upcoming shows, and musings

22 12 2009

I’m sitting in the sunshine listening to Die Fledermaus, for which I’ve just received the DVD for next year’s show. I’ve been cast in the chorus which should be fun. The only problem is I only have a chorus score, and to be honest most of the music I love the most is in the principal parts. Which means I’m going to have to shell out for a full score – sigh! The chorus don’t do a lot in Fledermaus but it should be a fun production, and I’ll get to hear some great singers!

A frustrating thing about being a beginning singer is not getting to sing some of the awesome duos and trios and quartets out there in the musical and operatic world. I can learn the parts, but until I can coerce find someone to sing them with, I just have to sing along with the soundtracks. Sigh.

Another frustrating thing is how there is a bundle of amazing music that I’m just not suited to sing! For example, Defying Gravity from Wicked. This is a show which has just bloomed in popularity in the last few years- and deservedly so. I caught in in 2005 in Chicago with one of my best friends. We were stuck for ideas what to do and wandered up a street which declared itself to be the Broadway of Chicago. We wandered into a theatre and saw there was a show on that night. So we booked tickets. We expected a pretty good show and a fun night out…

At half time we turned to each other, our mouths hanging open and our eyes shining  – ‘BEST SHOW EVER!!!’ I believe we declared. It truly was an amazing show, and I’m delighted it’s continuing in its popularity. If you ever get a chance to see it please please do!!  It’s not just awesome music, the story rocks, and the staging is truly impressive. Here’s a link to Defying Gravity if you haven’t heard it yet (where have you BEEN?)

I also recommend ‘Popular’ which is hilarious. Again, something I’d love to sing, but requires a second person!

I’ve just spent some time sorting through some photos I had taken last week and getting my online casting profile sorted. I’d love to get some extra work next year. I’m happy with the photos and excited by new possibilities!

Here are some things I plan to do next year:

  • Start dancing lessons ASAP!
  • Work extra hard on my singing. I want to get that nice full sound that pops in and out to be my default sound!
  • Find some people to sing duo/trio/quartets with!

Happy holidays everyone, I hope that 2010 brings us all exciting challenges!




4 responses

22 12 2009

I really want to see Wicked one day. Looks like you’ve got a lot of great goals and productions coming up in 2010!

22 12 2009

OK, bearing in mind that I know nothing, why aren’t you suited to Defying Gravity?

(Are you watching Glee? If not you should look up Glee’s version of Defying Gravity, it’s a diva-ff between the main girl (who sings mama who bore me) and the gay boy. Is good.)

23 12 2009

Yep, saw that episode which was what made me think of Defying Gravity again 🙂
Gravity’s just too big even though it’s high(ish). If I sing it I sound like a choir soprano singing a nice song nicely, when it really needs to be powerful and kick ass – and even if I get more power it’s still going to be operatic sounding not broadway 🙂 But it’s a goal I could work on!

25 12 2009

I’ll learn Popular to sing with you? Need score though.

Remember you get to sing songs I totally don’t eg anything sweet sounding.

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