Flailing! Flailing!

13 12 2009

Back now, audition was fine πŸ™‚

Some scales to warm up, which were good. Then I used the previous auditionee’s CD because we were singing the same song, and it was a bit fast and tricky for the pianist (it is really fast!) It was mostly fine, except for the last note which started out OK then in the middle went all *BLARK* and I cracked. Just tired voice.

Then the dancing. Oh the dancing. It wasn’t (in the end) as bad as I thought. Though when the choreographer started out, and did some kind of kick step while gesturing with her arms and twirling I came very very close to saying ‘um thanks all, but really, I can’t do that, see ya!’ Fortunately I have not yet walked out of an audition or performance before I have finished and I didn’t want to start today. So I stuck it out. I asked to just see the feet again – I so can’t just pick up arms and feet at the same time πŸ™‚ Then I tried to add the arms in once my feet vaguely knew what they were up to. I think it is the kind of dancing I could definitely do with some practice, so that’s OK. There was a dancer in my audition group, who would be making grimaces when she didn’t extend her arms properly, where as my worries were more like ‘ow I hit myself in the head with my arm! How did that happen?’ ;P Not really, but the difference was clear!

Yeah, so audition was not so bad. There are a heap of girls auditioning, so I’m not too sure about my chances, but I’m glad I went and stayed. I freaked myself out so badly last night when I couldn’t get to sleep, couldn’t remember my words, hadn’t printed my audition form… I was quite tempted to ring up and just not do it. But the thing about performing is you have to keep trying for things. Because this show would be awesome fun to be in, and the music sounds cool. Sometimes it pays to ignore the little flailing voice in your head.

The Christmas show that finished last night was awesome. Here is a couple of photos of our beautiful set that was up in TWO DAYS. That is some kind of mad genius level of awesome.




6 responses

13 12 2009

I’m sad I didn’t make it to your Christmas show, but it’s a busy time of year! I’ll be at the next one, hopefully.

13 12 2009

S’alright! Definitely busy time of year, and I loved that you guys came and saw the last one, was very cool πŸ™‚

13 12 2009

I too am sad couldn’t make it to your show but PLT isan unreachable goal without help…not to mention I was a giant slug and slime trails make travelling difficult:/

13 12 2009

Yousa slimy! No worries, you guys came and saw the last one, and I really appreciated that!

13 12 2009

*hugs* Auditioning is freaky enough at the best of times. Glad to hear that it well in general.

How long until you find out?

13 12 2009

Not sure πŸ™‚ Depends I guess on who they had audition and if they can cast it right away.

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