Singing fit

5 12 2009

Ahhh crazy singing times, how I love you.

Thus far this week I’ve had two shows, a singing lesson, and two rehearsals. Today I have a quick rehearsal for my singing teacher’s concert tomorrow, then the final show! Next week (starting tomorrow) one singing concert, three rehearsals, four xmas shows, and an audition! At some point I also need to properly learn my audition song. So this kinda explains the paucity of blog entries? I’m not too worried. As long as I’m not blogging about singing because I’m actually singing, that seems about right to me!

All this singing has got my voice in good shape. It means I take a shorter time to get properly warmed up, and when I start singing I sound better quicker! Loving it!  It does mean I need to keep hydrated all the time, which I’m not always good at. As I type this I’m reminded I’ve had two cups of coffee today and not much else. Oops.

I would love to be singing this much all the time. Well maybe not all the time. Maybe I need a week off here and there! I must make that a goal for 2010.




One response

6 12 2009

It’s pretty awesome how in shape your voice can get at the end of a show run 🙂

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