Audiences and finding energy

30 11 2009

Audiences are a strange beast. We’ve had some amazing audiences for the current show, they’ve danced in the aisles, they’ve cheered, they’ve booed (but in a good way), they’ve gotten WAY more into audience participation/singalong than I could have ever imagined! And then there are those other audiences, where a few people seem to be getting into it, and the rest of the audience seem…well…dead. Actually dead. Corpses ahoy. Often when you get feedback from these audiences, turns out they really enjoyed it, just in a…corpsey…way.

Part of my bit for this show has some audience response built in to it. I can do it without the response, but it means playing it a bit differently, and it takes a while to get back in that mindset. Performing often feels like an energy exchange; I throw my energy out there and the audience throw different things back. What they throw back affects the way I play the lines, facial expressions, and so on. So the night the audience seemed mostly dead was really draining! When you get nothing back it’s like funnelling energy into a black hole. You come off stage feeling snarky and blah.  Also, hecklers.  Bah. Audiences are part of the performance, but they are NOT the performers. Hush yourselves little hecklers, and go get a role on stage if you really feel the need to have all the attention. It’s different for a show which is set up for heckling, like stand-up maybe? Not having done it myself I really don’t know!

Other things I have done this week other than perform: sign myself up with a talent agency. Maybe I can get some work as an extra here or there. Call a photographer about getting some nice photos done for my casting profile. I’ve been having a few days where I felt totally uninspired about where I was going in life, so I took some steps to make things happen. Feel better now.

Confessions? I have not sung today. But I will sing tomorrow, so today can be my break day 🙂





4 responses

30 11 2009

You’ve been heckled? Really? When and what did they say?

30 11 2009

ah it was just this one guy, who everytime I asked the audience anything would say ‘NOOOOO’. And not in a humorous way, which I’ve had before, and am fine with. (Bizarre that you can tell the difference, but I totes could). Between him and the rest of the corpsey audience it felt a bit tough out there! I’m sure he thought he was hilarious though.

1 12 2009

Ah, the suck. I’m glad I’m a good audience member 🙂

1 12 2009

Gah, dead audiences can really put down a show. It’s kinda mad. Although have had drunken insane audiences that did the same thing.

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