I got troubles…

27 11 2009

Singing has been hard this past week. I’m not sure why. I think it’s probably a combo effect of many things:

1- I’ve been stressed about other things.

2 – I’ve been hopping and jumping between singing styles and registers on a daily basis.

3- I’m quite tired from performing.

I remember that a friend from university had a similar problem with her technique when she started learning from a different teacher. Her technique went out the window and she felt like she didn’t even know how to sing anymore. This friend has a completely gorgeous and full sounding voice, so I didn’t really understand what she meant at the time. I thought, ‘Oh silly Jj, you have a lovely voice!’  Now I kinda see what she meant.

It hit me when I went to singing lesson this week and started doing a couple of quite simple folk songs to sing at a retirement home early next year; ‘O waly waly’ and ‘My love is like a red red rose’. Neither of them go particularly high or low, they sit nicely in the middle of my range. Unfortunately it is the middle of my range giving me the most problems at the moment! I sounded waffly, breathy, and basically like someone who has just started learning to sing. It was SO FRUSTRATING. Thank god my teacher is awesome. She didn’t waste time querying what was up, she just worked on it bit by bit to find a good sound again. Not there yet, but I have tools to work on it.

I guess that’s the key to fixing it. Keep working, keep trying, and go back to basics when you need to.

Concert coming up, I’m going to sing Ganymed, which was one of my audition pieces. I want to sing it really well, hopefully my family can come hear me.

I’ve been playing the piano a bit this week too, it’s relaxing and takes my mind off my singing troubles. Mustn’t let it become a procrastination tool for not practising though.

I’m excited that friends and family are coming to the next couple of shows, better make sure I rock it!




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