Audition advice

24 11 2009

Auditions are going to be a recurring theme for me I think. Which is not unexpected – after all, auditions are a crucial part of any performer’s life. I find different types of auditions to be more difficult than others. Straight singing of a prepared song? Not a problem. Cold reading? Fine. Prepared monologue? Could be better. Improvisation? Kill me now.

Other things I need to work on are voice projection when speaking (I can DO it, I just feel like a dick when I do it in auditions for some reason) and being just a bit more extroverted with my demeanour, particularly in group auditions.

I find the best way to approach an audition is as a whole performance, not just the singing and acting bits, but the bits surrounding that, like entering the room, saying hello, remembering what the names of the director and things are if they introduce themselves!

**Note to self: THIS WOULD BE GOOD NOT JUST AT AUDITIONS. I’m completely hopeless at names, even to the point of forgetting them while I’m still talking to the person. Me: Hi! I’m Regan. Some-guy-called-Dave: Hi Regan! I’m Dave! Me: Hi! It’s nice to meet you…uh…Andy?**

I also like to create a little imagining for myself that I’m already in the show, so I talk to the director as if I’m a valued cast member whom he/she already loves working with.

And, possibly most importantly, take every audition seriously. Whether you know the panel or not (and in Wellington, I likely will know at least one person on it), and whether the show is big or small, treat it as important. It’s respectful, and I think a performer should always be respectful of a show that they want to be in. (After all, why would you be auditioning if you didn’t want to be in it?)

Hopefully I will look at these notes before my next audition and keep getting better!

Anyone else have any advice to offer?

Oh, and this is an encouraging  thing to read from the POV of audition panel members: Morgue’s blog




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