Updates on shows and auditions

22 11 2009

Well I got into both of the shows I auditioned for a couple of weeks back: the Christmas sing along show out at PLT, and Die Fledermaus which the GnS society are putting on next year.

The Christmas show will be fun – it’s a lot of carols and sing along goodness! Also I get to be a soprano again, which is just such a nice relief. It’s been so good for me singing other parts, low and middle, but it is tiring and I have to concentrate with every note, not just to sing it in tune, but to sing it so I don’t sound like a dying buzzard. At least with soprano I can just work on sounding my best without the other distractions.  My goal for next year may be to just get my middle ‘blend’ area working properly.

Die Fledermaus should also be fun, but it will be a lot of work for a chorus appearance in just two acts… I may have to track down a full score and start learning some of the solo bits for my own benefit.  It also doesn’t start rehearsing until May next year!

I’m going to audition for ‘Curtains’ also out at PLT in a few weeks. It will be on in the first part of next year. A murder mystery musical apparently! Sounds like fun.

The show I’m currently in is pretty much sold out except for about 4 or 5 seats, this is pretty amazing! And it is going really well. We opened on Thursday last week, and have had 3 nights. Last night’s audience was amazing. They danced, they sang along, they rapturously applauded everything. I think the whole cast had an audience-crush by the end of the night. We wanted to take them home with us! Seriously, walking on stage was like being a rock star! This is what we do it for. 🙂

Oh, and my current delight is that in the Christmas show I get to sing ‘O holy night’ with two other women, and I get the high harmony, and it’s my favourite carol…basically: SQUEEEE!

Things to work on this week: Keeping my vocal chords relaxed and hydrated. I’ve not been doing this much singing for a while, I need to take care of my instrument!

I’ll link you here to my favourite trio from Die Fledermaus (Johann Strauss II) in English:

4 and a bit minutes but worth a listen, particularly after halfway through. If you can log into the Naxos database at Wellington libraries I heartily recommend looking it up and having a listen to other bits of the music!




2 responses

23 11 2009

I’m beginning to think we should buy shares in PLT!;p

23 11 2009

So looking forward to seeing show. Also quite pleased with myself for catching up with you and hearing the news about auditions *before* you blogged them.

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