Short and sweet

18 11 2009

Been a while!

Not giving up on this blog by any means. The reason I haven’t written is because I’ve had rehearsal or something else pretty much every night and day for the last week and a half or so. *phew*.

So how’s it all been going? Pretty well – we’ve worked really hard on the choreography, so it’s looking much better! Voice wise, my lower voice is doing fine. The main issue I’m having is in switching/blending voice to come back up to my ‘normal’ register when I’ve been singing low. I tend to try to keep too much of the ‘resistance’ in my vocal chords/folds (bah I don’t know!) and end up running out of sound with an unattractive squawk. Usually I can hear myself and change technique accordingly, but with the band so loud, I can normally only just hear my note (and not always), so I can only judge the quality of sound by how it all feels in my body. Good thing? It’s making me much more aware of the physicality of singing, and trusting my body as well as my ear. Wow, who knew singing was such a full on sport!?

We have rehearsal for the christmas show tonight. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some nice relaxing soprano-ish singing! I love Christmas carols. Jenni’s post on Christmas made me all excited about it! I too am a complete Christmas lover. I love the sparkly lights, the baking, the family, the trees…yay!! And of course, the carols. I’m most fond of the traditional ones, which probably comes from my junior choir days at the cathedral. I just think they are so beautiful. More modern ones are fine, but give me the classics every time. And of course ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’ from Meet me in St Louis. I love that movie. Does anyone have a copy? I think I need to watch it again.

Here it is, to make me feel all Christmassy:

Right, gotta dash, got another rehearsal 😉

Oh and some of my singing teacher’s pupils including me may be doing a little sing in a retirement village soon. More performing yay! And I get to sing waly waly, and My love is like a red red rose. Good old traditional songs! More on that later.




2 responses

18 11 2009

Awww, I love that song too. That and ‘When a child is born’, ‘O Holy Night’ and ‘war is over’ are my favourite-ist carols.

19 11 2009

So looking forward to seeing the show next week. When is the christmas show on?

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