It’s a no…

30 10 2009

So it’s official – no music school for me next year! Got the letter yesterday. The worst moment was the kind of stomach twist you get when you first hear bad news. Sigh.

But I’ve thought about it overnight, had a chance to process it. Went to a fab rehearsal last night which really helped as I looked around at all the truly talented people that I already have the chance to work with.

My main thoughts about this currently:

  • What shall I do in the next three years then? Better be something fab and exciting!
  • Music school is not an end in itself, but was a means to becoming a better singer. There are other means πŸ™‚ And I still think I’m a singer.
  • Everything is a bit of a blank slate at the moment. Haven’t been at that point since I was 20 or so. It’s a bit scary, a bit exciting.
  • I DO want to sing and make music. I’m going to do that. Watch this space as I figure out how..

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and support! I am really proud of myself for the work I put in preparing for it, and I’m still really pleased with how the audition went. I’m doing fine, and feeling kind of charged up to do more challenging things musically.

Oh and chuck me any suggestions for what fun musical things I might want to try in the next wee while. Jenni gave me ‘start a band’ which I thought was cool!







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30 10 2009

You could band together with your friends to write a space opera! ^^

30 10 2009

If you start the band, noone can turn you away then! Plus you must know lots of music type peoples who’d be keen to jump on the “bandwagon” (har har);p I’d totally hire you to play for my 30th birthday! Unless of course you wanted to be paid for it…;p

Also, in this age of internetocracy, I would suggest getting together a clever/quirky/ridiculously catchy piece of music, put it on youtube, and hope it goes viral:) Of course, telling people to always blow on pies might help also;p

30 10 2009

Sorry to hear that you got sucky news but hopefully it will turn into a blessing in disguise and you’ll come up with even better and more exciting options to pursue your dreams and share your awesomeness with the world. πŸ™‚

30 10 2009

Sal – space opera! Sounds amazing…I think my sister started writing a space soap opera last year, I should talk to her!!

Sass – yeah I was thinking I do know quite a few musos now, so maybe could look at doing more stuff like that! πŸ™‚
hehe, maybe I should sing a song about pies?

Debz – thankyou! Yep, I’m pretty much a hopeless Pollyanna case – I’m feeling like there must be something even better that I’ll be doing soon! πŸ™‚

30 10 2009
Debbie (the other one)

You could always try again next year. I assume it’s a ‘Not this time’ rather than a ‘Never ever’.

I have no awesome suggestions – I am still trying to find time and nerve to hook up with a choir at all, but i totally support the Space Opera idea!


30 10 2009

Debbie – that’s true πŸ™‚ It was a basic form letter (don’t get me started on my initial ‘what the hell I’m better than a form letter!’ rage πŸ˜‰ ) but yeah that could be an option depending where I find myself at next year.
I think you should hook up with a choir!! From one who’s done it, it takes less nerve than you think once you’ve made the initial connection! πŸ™‚
and space opera – hell yeah!

31 10 2009

You could come over and sing to me? I will provide food and wine in return πŸ™‚
*big hugs* hon

31 10 2009

I think the band idea would rock, you should totally do it!


31 10 2009

Hey there. While I can’t say anything different to what others have said, I hope that this is ‘it was meant to happen’ thing. Have a fun time deciding what next exciting adventure you’ll undertake.


31 10 2009

So many things you can do.


31 10 2009

Aww you guys are lovely. I’m actually feeling really excited about what I could do and what could happen!

2 11 2009

Opera of pies in space!!!

Just curious — are you most interested in making music, or performing?

2 11 2009

Hmm, good question Svend – for me making music *is* performing. I’m always singing for someone else. Without an audience, music just isn’t as much as it could be. I guess that means even if I was recording music, I would need to be thinking who it was for.
Hm. Did that answer the question?

3 11 2009

Yeah, I think so — I guess I was wondering whether you were interested in going the singer-songwriter route, or if it was more about the making of beautiful sounds. πŸ™‚

3 11 2009

Ah I see, more about the sounds Song writing is a skill I don’t seem to possess! I figure it possesses plenty of other people though, so I’ll just interpret their stuff!

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