The audition wrap-up

22 10 2009

I’m back! I went, I sang, I was theory tested!

So now we wait…

I was happy with how it went. I really feel like I couldn’t have done anything more, as myself, where I am right now, to get in. So of course I could probably have been wildly vivacious and overwhelmed them with personality…but I am not that person. I was cheerful, I made a little joke, we all laughed, I was passionate about what I want and I think I put ideas forward coherently.

The singing went great! Well from my POV. No idea what the panel thought as they spent most of their time writing things! EEk! Lovely things surely! Luckily I’d already decided I was going to sing to the room at large, and the imaginary appreciative audience behind the panel.

After the singing came the aural tests. ARGH. I have not done aural tests since I was 16 or 17 for piano, and I was never that great at them. I did fine. I didn’t get everything – at one point I hilariously (in retrospect) said “the major 7th – NO not the major one! That other one!” Um this is the problem with having learned chord and interval theory by doing as much as I barely needed to and learning while playing the guitar. The word I was looking for was MINOR. MINOR 7th. So yes, I know that there is major and minor, but for some reason I only had that in my head for thirds and sixths. That other 7th? That’s just a 7th! Y’know – a normal 7th! So I pretty much sounded like a complete nutter at that point. The lady on the piano smiled sweetly and a trifle sadly at me. Also, damn you major sixth. Why are you so hard to identify! My rhythm clapping was fine, and picking the notes out of a chord was easy (THANK-YOU CURRENT SHOW I’M REHEARSING FOR!).

Yeah. So, now…wait. And they do two ‘acceptance’ letter rounds. The first one for their initial selection, then the second round for any gaps they have once the initial people accept or decline (most of the young folk apply for at least one other music school in NZ). Young folk. Heh.

I have rehearsal tonight, and I am very unenthused! I just need a wind down time! But, show must go on.

Toi toi toi! <— this is like ‘break a leg’ but used for opera singers. I got my first ‘toi toi toi’ today from my singing teacher! 🙂




6 responses

22 10 2009

Fingers Crossed!

22 10 2009

Everything crossed!

22 10 2009
Debbie (the other one)

Well then, toi toi toi.

Of course, the burning question on everyone’s mind is, WERE THERE SEQUINS?

22 10 2009

Thanks folks!
As for sequins…not as such, though there was shiny stuff in my skirt, and I wore dangly crystal earrings – does that count? 😉 I was walking the fine line between ‘daytime recital’ and ‘full on performance’.

23 10 2009

awesome! You are such an inspiration. I am thinking all sorts of successful thoughts for you 🙂

24 10 2009

I’m so nervous for you!! Whatever happens you have done so awesomely with your singing in the past while.

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