Preparing for auditions

21 10 2009

So my audition for music school is tomorrow. I know someone else who auditioned today, and she doesn’t seem too traumatised… 😉

To be honest, I know I will probably freak out a bit before the audition, but I’m prepared, I’m looking forward to singing, my voice feels good…so argh, just happen already dammit!

I was worried at the start of the week, as I went out on Saturday night and sang karaoke. This is the first time I’ve sung it in a bar, and you tend to …YELL REALLY LOUDLY INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY SINGING. So I finished my last song and then went to talk to someone and thought…uhoh. Sunday I didn’t sing at all, as I worried about my voice. However, it was just fatigue. I rested it. Did a little singing Monday, stayed very hydrated. Warmed up slowly and carefully today, and it was just fine! In fact I felt very happy with the way I sounded. I’ll do the same warm up routine tomorrow before heading to the audition.

Things to remember for tomorrow: Water bottle. Copies of my songs. Cash for pianist. Copy of theory certificate if I can find it.

Oh and my current main worry ?

WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR AND WHY CAN’T I DECIDE!?! Heels, skirt and a nice top. But which ones?! Must be something I’m comfortable in, that’s not too OTT, but looks a bit ‘performey’. OMG I MADE THAT LAST CRITERIA UP! ARGH!

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂




9 responses

21 10 2009

Performey? Like, sparkly? Do you need something with sequins on it?

Also, we must definitely go back to the Fringe bar for karaoke. When are you free?

21 10 2009

Good luck! (BTW I thought your singing on Saturday was lovely. If that’s your ‘yelling loudly’ than your singing must be angelically beautiful).

21 10 2009

Jenni: oooh sequins! DAMMIT NOW I WANT TO WEAR SEQUINS. Lol, I have lots of appropriate clothes, I just need to mix appropriate with comfortable with “look at me!” And YES we must sing again… Y’know, maybe we should do parties for reasons other than birthdays…we could totally have a karaoke plus cakes party for no good reason!

Debbie: awww thankyou! 🙂 I had a fabulous time, karaoke is addictive…

21 10 2009

You going to wear something similar to what you wore to comps?

*wishing you so much good luck*

21 10 2009


I think an important aspect of what you should wear is that you can breathe sufficiently in it. For this reason, I suggest you leave ye olde corset at home;p

21 10 2009

Giffy: Yep similar, probably not exactly the same thing. Thankyou! 🙂
Sass: Thankyou! Oh dammit!! Breathing!! I KNEW there was something missing in my practices!!

Huggles to you guys, thanks for the kind wishes!

21 10 2009

Go you! Yes to sequins!

22 10 2009
Debbie (the other one)

Break a leg!

And you should definitely wear sequins. No doubt about it. More sequins!

22 10 2009

Lol, thanks guys! Now I am going to have to find some way to work sequins into my outfit! A sparkly necklace maybe?

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