Is that ME?

13 10 2009

So I’m going to start recording myself so that I can hear what I’m doing properly without that pesky skull of mine being all echoey and in the way.

I recorded a bit today, and was, of course, dismayed to hear myself. Though not with the wince inducing embarrassment of hearing yourself on the answering machine. Nope, this was pure disappointment with the sound I was making and the lack of technique I could hear. Siiiigh. But that’s why we have teachers, and that’s how we improve. Hopefully. šŸ˜‰

I wish I had recorded myself singing ages ago though, because that way I would be able to hear improvement.

Today is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of how I feel about singing. But I at least know I’ll probably be feeling good about it again tomorrow. Nothing like being an incurable Pollyanna…

Let’s listen to something beautiful now… Mi Tradi quell’alma ingrata sung by Rachel Yakar. Might be my new favourite aria at the moment. Oh Mozart. I ā¤ you.




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