Melody rules

11 10 2009

Do you remember that TV show? That was a bad bad show.

However, in terms of actual melody – it does rule. It apparently rules my brain so much that even though I think I’m holding the chord in my head, I’m really just pretending that my part of the chord is the melody!  Sigh. I actually sang better when I stopped trying to hold the chord in my head and just went with the flow.

Another rehearsal today, and so much fun! I love singing with the band so much! How often will I get this chance? Not often, so I’m determined to soak it all up. The best parts are when everyone is getting into it, and we’re singing amazing four part harmonies and the band is rocking out! We have such a good band, and apparently there are still saxophones to come! Squee! I’m over my mic fear too. That was quick! Yay!

But back to my difficulties. Today while doing ‘Silhouettes on the shade’ I had to sing the eighth (really just the first or tonic, but up an octave) and all my harmonies except for one were the tonic, but then I had to jump to the third for one bit, when the melody took over the first. And do you think I could get back to the first!??! Nope, not even slightly. The problem seemed to be that I could hear all the possible harmonies, but I couldn’t pick the right one. Everything I sang was in tune, it was just the wrong harmony. D’OH.

Anyway, now I’m home with my trusty piano, I’ll note bash for a while and get the pattern in my head.

Other good things: I feel like my voice is OK after a 3 hour long rehearsal, which means I was using it properly and keeping my throat relaxed. Phew.

Audition is coming up fast… Yikes! I might go sing some German for a bit to try and get the mash-up of ‘Silhouettes’ and ‘Lollipop’ out of my head.




2 responses

11 10 2009

See what that post said to me was “La la la la complex musical things where Regan is trying to be awesome and then succeeds la la la”. Sometimes I wish I spoke music;p

12 10 2009

At least you’re in tune! I had similar issues as middle, it was too easy for me to join in with either the melody or the bottom part.

You’re doing good stuff. 🙂

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