The rewards of singing

8 10 2009

I was thinking today about what makes me feel rewarded, what makes it worth it. I’d had a pooey couple of days in terms of self confidence in my singing.  Not sure why, just one of those things that hit you now and then, when your brain can’t seem to speak without saying something negative like “What’s the point really, everyone else is better than you, stop trying,” in a dull monotone. So I tried to think about the reason I do sing.

Some rewards are obvious like getting a part in a show or performing for people – I do love performing! But I think the biggest reward is the singing itself, and the joy I feel in the sound that I make.  Today, while practising, I felt that voice that I’ve been working on come out, and I felt what my muscles were doing to make that happen. When I finished that song, I immediately turned to my audition pieces and tried out the same thing with them. Yes! Not entirely consistently but I can make that big operatic sound that I’ve been working on. Everything fell into place. And I managed it through practice alone! Now I need to get that into my muscle memory so I can keep doing it and improve it.

So how did it feel? Like my whole head was still, my throat open and relaxed, and my back and ab muscles working like crazy! The sound came out and felt like it vibrated through my head then floated out the top. It felt glorious and powerful, and it’s the best reward I can think of. The exciting thing about singing is that there will always be something to work on. That’s not a depressing thought; the chance to improve and to feel that joy when you *get* it – well, that feels pretty rewarding to me.

Rehearsal tonight was great fun, we sit around in a group, our MD plays the guitar, and we have a great keyboards guy, and we all just sing in four part harmony. It’s another joyful feeling.  I want to do this all the time 🙂




4 responses

8 10 2009

I’m looking forward to hearing you 🙂 What are the dates for the show? Make sure you tell J-j, she’s coming down for Jenni’s

9 10 2009

Dear Reggles, you are cool:) And make your realisations about singing a little more general, and it’s great advice for anyone who is working on something they enjoy but get frustrated with – I know it happens for me quite frequently with running and dancing:)

9 10 2009

This is all so fascinating, I am loving reading about your singing journey 🙂

9 10 2009

Thanks guys! I like writing this stuff down, because it really does help remind me of the good parts when I’m feeling angst-ridden.
Giffy, show opens on the 20th of November I think, early bird sales are available until end of October 😀

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