On the mic

5 10 2009

Or: New fears to overcome.

This week at rehearsal we jumped on to the microphones for the first time. Lots of people have used them before – the last time I used one was earlier this year for a show, and it was a terrible, shoddy mic, and I was gutted!  Anyway, I’ve discovered a new fear – hearing myself over a soundsystem. Or hearing myself at all I guess!

It’s one I’d forgotten about, or conveniently pushed to the back of my mind. I’d already overcome speaking in public. This was a pretty huge step as I used to be so shy that I would find it difficult to go into shops or catch buses lest *gasp* I had to talk to the sales people/drivers. Then I overcame singing in public – this one I’ve been working on and overcame fairly recently when I managed to sing at the Wellington vocal comps without disintegrating and while managing to actually use the techniques I’ve been learning to sing. Nothing is more frustrating than working hard on your singing, then getting up in front of people and realising you may as well have learnt nothing because all your nerves are going to let you do is squeak and gasp like a dying mouse-fish.

So now, a new fear to deal with. Encouragingly, when I felt the fear grip me at rehearsal, I was able to look at it objectively, and think “Ahh, this again. Ok, I’ll need to deal with this.”  Which was great, as it meant I didn’t let myself be fazed, or come up with excuses as to why I wasn’t super confident. I just stepped up, and sang through the blushes and the horror.

This show may be the best way to do it, as I’ll mainly be doing back-up singing – the MD has put four of us together to do the bulk of the back-up harmonies which I’m delighted about!  So there’s no pressure on me to sing by myself with a mic. (Yes, I do think it’s a little strange that I’d be quite happy singing by myself un-microphoned).

Wish me luck! I’m going to figure this out. Our speech is also apparently going to be on the mics. I envisage this being a bit less difficult because I have a specific voice for my character.




4 responses

5 10 2009

Yay! So much good stuff in this post. I also fear microphone singing, because not only does is sound less like you think you sound, it’s also much louder and therefore worse.

6 10 2009

And that’s why we turn the microphone sound right down on Singstar (my only experience with “microphone” singing;p)

Can’t wait to see/hear your show!

6 10 2009

I remember when my Mum used to take me to country music club, and I’d hear myself over the speakers. I used to freak that I was singing off key, and sing really quietly to counter the loudness of the speakers. Also hearing my voice on my Mum’s album was weird too… I sang well, but didn’t stop me from freaking

6 10 2009

Giffy: Argh I know, so loud, and very much the ‘I don’t sound like that do I??’ feeling. I think that’s the thing I need to focus on – I DO sound like that, and that’s fine!

Sass: lol yep, I definitely hate hearing myself singstar as well! yay I can’t wait for you to see show too!

Sproke: You were on your mum’s album? That’s so cool! What was it?

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