Pushing yourself

2 10 2009

Somehow, the steps between my lounge and my music room are the hardest steps to take. There’s always something else I could be doing, like the dishes, or the vacuuming, or staring blankly at the television, or looking at my toes (Fascinating!).

Even though I love singing, I enjoy practising, I even look forward to it…I still somehow try to prevent myself getting there. I sometimes need to use the tricks I played on my mind to get to the gym. “Oh let’s just walk over here and see what’s happening, lalalala, HAH! Too late you are in the gym!” So I wander down the hall thinking about how I am going to brush my hair, or wash my hands, and HAH! Now I’m in the music room! I think this is a character flaw I need to address.

Today I’m giving myself until 12.30 to faff about and have lunch, then I’m going to go sing for as long as it feels good. And once I start, it really is no difficulty to sing away for 40 minutes or an hour without noticing.

EDITED TO ADD: I would just like to report that I did go and do some singing, an hour and 45 minutes worth, and it was totally worth it! REMEMBER THIS FEELING. Now I should go make sure I actually know all the theory I need to do the theory test at the audition…

In other news, rehearsal last night was fun. I’ve discovered that if I just ask, our MD will tell me the note we start on, and then I also write down what the other groups are on, so I know where IĀ  fit in the chord. I’m also getting better at just trusting my ear to come in on the right note (mixed body parts! I’m trusting my musical ear, to tell my brain, to tell my vocal chords to come in on the right note).Ā  Whereas usually if I’m singing a low harmony I feverishly grasp the note I’m supposed to start on in my head and sit there thinking, “LALALATHIS IS MY NOTE LALALA SHUDDUP SHUDDUP MY NOTE LALALALA.” So that has to be an improvement.




3 responses

3 10 2009

Toes are pretty interesting – I’ve been watching the nail on one of mine steadily turn blackish underneath its bright read polish, as aftermath of my race the other week (black=bruising, not some kind of weird fungus btw;p)

Hearing about musical stuff beyond singing along to the radio or Singstar is like hearing someone speak another language to me;p

I totally love the way you trick yourself btw!

3 10 2009

Toes are so strange sometimes…they overreact to the slightest little thing!

I imagine that my singing stuff to you is like your running stuff to me šŸ™‚ Interesting, and enjoyable to read about, but while I understand all the words, I just don’t quite grasp all the concepts! šŸ™‚

4 10 2009

I do exactly the same thing with writing, I know that once I start I will enjoy it and I will get stuff done, but making myself do it is hard. For me it isn’t the walking into the room, but stopping myself procrastinate on the internet.

Speaking of which, I must go write ;p

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