Audition pieces

30 09 2009

I’ve realised that it is just on three weeks until my music school audition. I’m surprisingly calm (interspersed with moments of sheer terror). But mostly I’m excited! I *want* to sing my songs for the people at music school. I *want* another chance to sing in the Adam Concert Room (awesome venue). I can’t wait to sing my final song in particular with my excellent pianist.

Would you like to hear my audition pieces sung by others? Of course you would!

Piece one: Voi che sapete. (Italian) – from Mozart’s opera Le Nozze di Figaro (Marriage of Figaro). The character singing is Cherubino. He’s a teenage boy (played by a woman) who’s just discovering luuurrrvve for the first time. Interpretation wise, I’m trying to play it a bit cheeky, a bit confused, and ever so hopeful that this song is going to get him into someone’s pants.

Rinat Shaham sings it here, I love that she is actually acting throughout. 🙂

Piece two: Ganymed (German) – Schubert. This is a big ol’ lieder, and leaves me quite tuckered out by the end of it. Based vaguely on the myth of Zeus stealing away with Ganymed (another teenage boy – huh, who knew that would be a theme for my audition!?) It’s all about the joy of nature and love (read: sex). Really quite dodgy at times – lots of clasping to bosoms, and lying around burning with desire. Interpretation wise I’m playing it big and joyful. No *wink wink nudge nudge* I think the lyrics do that well enough by themselves!

Kathleen Ferrier sings it here (I don’t know how much I like this interpretation, but, well, she’s awesome).

Piece three: Heavenly Grass (English) – Paul Bowles. This is based on a Tennessee Williams poem, and is my favourite of all my pieces. The piano does as much work as the singer, and we have to work together to make a beautiful whole. It really is quite a special song, I hope I can do it justice. Brought a wee tear to my teacher’s eye when I sang it a few weeks ago, which made me glow! It’s reflective, deceptively simple, dreamy, a little sad, but filled with hope. Everything – lyrics, piano part, vocal line – just works together so damn gorgeously!

Here is Angela Schmidt singing it. I think they could have played with the dynamics more (and I won’t be doing the American accent) but still a great song. I’m opinionated about these pieces because I love them.

And there you go! Cross your fingers and send me good thoughts on the 22nd of October.




3 responses

30 09 2009

Good Luck! Those are really beautiful pieces to sing.

30 09 2009

music school! That description of the last piece sounds like it would suit you perfectly:)

19 01 2010
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[…] and a lovely melody; the idea is to keep it sounding unstudied and beautiful (it’s a bit like ‘Heavenly Grass’ in that way) while at the same time not going horribly off key and warbling like an idiot. Mind […]

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