Bop bop bop bop!

24 09 2009

First rehearsal for the new show tonight. It is a fifties musical extravaganza! 🙂 There are about 20 of us in the cast (I think?) and it’s a radio show with musical numbers and comedy bits. I have a little bit of acting to do as well as singing.

Tonight we mostly focussed on four part harmonies. Luckily, being a soprano, I usually get the melody line or a top harmony. *phew* Take that altos!! 😉 You know I have to be mean to altos because I know they are all far smarter than me… I am too dumb to be an alto! The great thing about most 50s rock is that the chord progressions are pretty much the same throughout. So once you’ve got one harmony, you are pretty sweet for the rest!

OK, so put the dates in your diaries! November 20th – December 5th!

The worst thing about this show is going to be the music getting stuck in my head…Bop bop bop bop! (Oh baby!) Bop bop bop bop!




2 responses

25 09 2009

They only thing that prevents me from dying of jealousy is knowing that they will probably do this show again in a few years and I can maybe be in it then.

I will *totes* go. I may need more room than the average guest though… Will be in 9th month then!

25 09 2009

Most definitely – hopefully we can do it together, I’m still waiting to do a PLT show with you!! I’m stoked cos Amanda apparently wrote my role with me in mind XD Squeee!
hehe you can come, just as long as Sweets doesn’t make a surprise appearance! We better not be too funny!! 😉

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