Rage against the machine

23 09 2009

Not really… but I did realise today that I need an angry song. All my songs are so nice… and it’s because my voice quality lends itself to sweet songs, pensive songs, chirpy and cute songs. Not so much the rage!

But everybody needs a ragey song, for those days when things aren’t going quite right. So my new song to sing in anger is:

Show Me! from My Fair Lady.

It’s full of lovely spitty consonants. While it isn’t the most hate fuelled tirade ever written, it’s certainly much more satisfying to turn away from someone who has just pissed you off and mutter “Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words!” than it is to think “oooh I’m so ANGRY! I’ll show you! I love you through time and eternity!

Here, have a listen/watch:

So, a satisfying singing lesson after a kind of irritating day at work.

Brain: KIND of?? KIND OF irritating!??! How about full blown-f*ck off-kill me now-HORRIFYING?

Me: Uh…yeah ok, but we won’t say that in front of the nice blog readers. How about we sing a song instead?!

Brain: Words, words, WORDS, I’m so SICK of WORDS!!

Me: You see? We feel better already.

Brain: *mutter mutter*




4 responses

23 09 2009

Linky to vid is not there!

23 09 2009

Oooo…I lied, web connection was being slow

23 09 2009


Yay for Angry Song šŸ™‚

23 09 2009

Cute song, I like it.

Don’t expline…

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