22 09 2009

Tonight I got home and immediately dragged the laptop with all my backing tracks into the music room for a solid 40 minutes of practice – YESSSSS.

Why don’t I do this everyday? No, seriously, why not? Is it sheer laziness, self sabotage or what?

When I get home and sing, I have to get rid of all my daily stress or I can’t sing properly. After I’ve had a warmup I can feel my stressed out muscles stretching and relaxing.  I can also work on things that have come up in singing lessons but need practice to get right.

As a reward to myself at the end of practice I sang a song that I started to learn about 18 months ago – then stopped when it was clear that I needed more technique to get it right! Happy to say it is sounding much better! The song is O mio babbino caro – that one that everybody knows. 🙂

Singing lesson tomorrow, so hopefully the singing I’ve done over the past week pays off.  I’m also looking forward to doing a bit of a sing in the school holidays with a friend from choir who is also auditioning for music school this year. She’s a lovely chick, very clever, with a gorgeous voice…and still at school! Jealous much!? 😉 I think if I’d tried to stand up in front of people and sing when I was 17 I might have collapsed!*

Now I can have a glass of wine and kick back feeling actually relaxed after a work day. Remember this feeling brain! It is a good feeling and we can have it again!!



*OK so there was that one time when I did stand up and sing and I must have been 17ish, and then very nearly embarrassed myself for the rest of my life by almost becoming part of a girl band…but that’s another story. ;P




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