20 09 2009

I felt like I needed a blog separate from my lj, where I can focus on my singing. So voila! I’m not sure how long it will last, and it feels strange to put more than a few words down at a time (Facebook and Twitter, you’ve stolen my loquacity!) but it’s somewhere to jot down what I learn from my lessons, auditions, and rehearsals.

Coming up this year I have an audition for music school, a comedy musical show out at PLT, and a singing lesson each week; I’m looking forward to all of them!

This afternoon I’m heading out to PLT to sing for the show’s MD. I’m going to sing Blah blah blah by Gershwin. Great song for an audition as it sits well in my range, has lots of nice long notes, and you can definitely play with the humour. For once I’m actually looking forward to an audition. I think the vocal comps that I did last month have definitely contributed to that. Now I know I can stand up by myself on a stage, and have the sounds come out of my mouth without collapsing, squawking or somehow tripping and squashing audience, adjudicator and accompanist all at once (it’s amazing what your brain can come up with under pressure – ta for that brain) I’m feeling a lot more confident.

Here’s Michael Yanette singing Blah blah blah as George Gershwin. I’ve chosen this one over some sopranos singing it as he really captures the silliness of the song! I can’t do quite so much as I’m using a backing track, but there’s room to play!

Right, I’m going to watch one more episode of QI, and bask in this glorious sunshine before I go warm up.  One good thing about the PLT theatre is it’s a good 20/25 minute drive, so I can have a good sing  in the car on the way.




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